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Hay Testing

Hay Testing & Computerized Ration Balancing

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The combination of feed ration and hair analysis is an invaluable screening tool to determine the correct program of diet and supplementation for each individuals specific needs. 

Not all forages by themselves are well-balanced nutritionally.

Many nutrient deficiencies and excesses can occur through forage variances. Multiple nutrient levels can contribute to significant imbalances. Knowing the type of forage alone does not guarantee that one knows the true nutritional values for that specific feed.

For Example: 
1.  Timothy hay is high in calcium but could also be high in potassium. 
2.  Alfalfa hay is high in calcium and may be high in protein. 
3.  Blended hays could be high or low in a number of nutrients. This problem could lead to either     deficiencies, excesses, or a combination of both.

Most individuals purchase a combination of forages from multiple sources with guesswork as a guide to determine nutrient variances.  However, now with simple, accurate computerized ration analysis, these nutritional imbalances can be modified & corrected.  Once you determine the nutritional forage status, feed and supplementation adjustment allows for proper balance.

 Do You Want Your Hay Tested?  Send us your samples, Use a Quart Sized, Freezer-Type Bag

$39.95 - Standard Hay Analysis: Includes DM%, CP%, Ca, P, Mg, Na, ADF, DE, Cu, Fe, Zn, Mn

$59.95 - Hay Analysis with Ration Balancing:Includes a recommended ration to balance your forage for your specific horse.

Additional Analysis Options:

$50.00 - Include Selenium Analysis

$30.00 - Include Starch Analysis:  Includes NFC, NSC, Starch & Sugars
*Selenium & Starch analysis must be combined with standard analysis, cannot be done on their own

$40.00 - Ration Balancing/ Custom Formulation- *Owner Provides Completed Hay Test Analysis

*Note: When sending a hay test in conjunction with a Hair Mineral Analysis, only the Standard Hay Test itself is needed, not the ration balancing

 Download Hay Test Submittal Form