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Pure L-Lysine Monochloride powder as a supplemental source of the amino acid L-Lysine for lactating mares, growing foals, breeding stallions and performance horses under high stress.

L-Lysine is an amino acid that is commonly deficient in the equine diet.  Using an L-Lysine supplement is a good way to guarantee adequate intake of the amino acid L-lysine for horses of all ages and activities.  Suggested minimum trial period is 30 days.

L-Lysine is important for the maintenance of normal equine muscle bulk, but has many other functions as well.  For example, Lysine is needed to manufacture L-Carnitine, a carrier required to burn fat for energy.  

L-Lysine is also an important component of collagen, the major protein in connective tissue.  Connective tissue forms the sheaths and tissue planes that define the body and hold it together.  Specialized collagen forms tendons and ligaments.  Collagen forms the basis for everything from the whites of the eyes to umbilical cords.

L-Lysine supplementation has also been reported to have a beneficial effect on immunity and gastrointestinal health in many species.

Price From: $9.95
  • Buy 4 for $7.95 each and save 21%

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Feeding Directions: Feed at the rate of 1 scoop daily or as directed by your veterinarian or nutritionist. 1 scoop = approximately 3 g (included)

1 lb. jar ( 50 day supply)

10 lb. repack bag (no scoop) (1500 day supply)

 Please call for 55 lb. price.

L-Lysine is an amino acid, the basic building unit of proteins.  Amino acids are hooked together like beads on a chain to form proteins, according to sequences encoded in an animal’s DNA.   Every bead on the chain is an amino acid.

Proteins are much more than just muscle tissue.  Enzymes, antibodies, hemoglobin, cellular receptors, cytokines and many hormones are all identified as proteins. Next to water, protein is the most abundant substance in all body tissues from brain to hoof.

L-Lysine is an essential amino acid, meaning the horse’s body cannot manufacture it and must get all that it needs from the diet.  It is also a limiting amino acid.  This is the essential amino acid that is most likely to be present in the diet in the lowest amount. It is called limitingbecause if amounts are not adequate, protein synthesis won't be able to proceed normally.  Assembly of proteins like beads on a chain will stop if a needed amino acid is not present.

Typical equine adult diets without supplemental L-Lysine may be 5 to 10 grams short of requirements.  Pregnant, lactating and growing animals have greatly increased requirements. Consult a professional for guidance on supplementing these groups.

A common manifestation of suboptimal L-Lysine intake in horses is poor muscle development but L-Lysine deficiency also has a negative impact on regulation of Calcium metabolism, immune functions, hoof and tendon/ligament health, even vision and mood.  Adequate L-Lysine is required for normal growth.


Guaranteed Analysis per 3 g (1 scoop):
L-Lysine............................................................2,340 mg

L-Lysine Monohydrochloride.

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